ultrabotUltrabot go go go is now available online – for FREE! Yes. You heard me. We’re giving it away for nothing. Have we lost our minds? Probably.


The book is a fast paced action thriller in the style of classic 1960’s Manga comics. Jason’s artwork is really outstanding. Not only did he manage to make my story work on the page, but he really captured the essence of those classic Manga books like Cyborg 009. Similarly, Lee’s coloring really compliments Jason’s artwork and really energizes every single panel.


Writing for a Manga book was an interesting challenge, primarily because of the sheer number of panels per page. The script ended up with 7-8 panels per page, which really limits the room for word-balloons and caption boxes. On one hand, that’s awesome because it forces you to tell the story in a more visual way – but it’s also tricky when you need to introduce exposition to fill out some of the story areas.


While I always feel like I could’ve done a better job with the script, I’m still really pleased with how it turned out on the page – and I hope you are too. Here you can see how the script compared to the finished product.

ultrabot collage

So take a look at the book and let me know what you think.