2016 didn’t turn out like I expected. As usual when the shit hits the fan, I find solace in watching and writing TV. But as this is the first post in forever of the new year and involves some amount of reflection, I’ll just quote this from Babylon 5 in reference to 2016.

It was the year of rebirth, the year of great sadness, the year of pain, and the year of joy.

But It’s all in the past. No matter how painful a year it was for you: professionally or personally, it’s done. We’ve turned the page. It’s 2017. TFI 2017!

So as we’re at the birth of this new year, it’s a good time to take stock of what got accomplished and what remains elusive.

Comic books

I wrote stories for two anthologies due to drop in 2017, although one of those has yet to be officially announced. I’ll post more about those very soon.

On the creator-owned scratcher cover colorfront, the first issue of Scratcher will be available on Comixology in the spring. This is a horror comic I co-created with the talented artist Juan Romera (with lettering by the equally awesome Eric Grissom) and I’m excited for people to read it. If you can’t wait that long, you can buy it on the kindle right now.


Similarly, this is the year fingers crossed that Lowlives will be released. Issue one has been around for some time now, but the other three issues in the run took longer to put together than expected and they should all be available soon. Again, look for more updates when the release details become clearer,





Produced content AKA making things

It’s been a while (not long enough according to some people) since I directed a short, so I figured it was time to work on something new again.

I shot a 5 min horror short callDollhouse grabed “DOLLHOUSE” in the dying embers of 2016 and I’m currently pushing it through post. As with many of my short projects, this one is also a thinly veiled social commentary – but one that will hopefully be engaging.



“SOLUS,” another short I wrote is also in post-production. This was another enjoyable collaboration with up and coming director Nirozen Thavarajah, and one of my favourite – and longest – short films to date.

I’ve also been getting very interested in web-series over the past couple years, and finally co-wrote a 6-episode show with Simon Abbott. We shot the pilot back in the fall and its also now in post, and will be released later this year.


I have a bunch of pilots in various stages of completion which need to be finished. I’m also working on a couple of feature scripts with different collaborators. The goal as always is to continue to write and pitch new shows; apply for fellowships and get onto a writing staff.


This year I’ll be working harder to help create a cohesive community. In addition to hosting the monthly Vancouver Inkdrinks event, I’ve also been discussing the creation of a new TV writing group initiative for writers in the lower-mainland. More details on that soon. Plus there’s some other projects that I’m looking into – but don’t want to tip my hand on those just yet.


That’s my update. What about you? What are your goals and plans for 2017?