One of the projects I’ve been working on is a web-series called ZERO DAY – a cyber-thriller about a shy young woman forced to overcome her own fears and self-doubt to save her brother from darknet criminals. It’s part “Web-therapy,” part “24,” and part “Mr. Robot.” Or something.


We shot a test pilot and recently  submitted the whole project to the IPF, hoping to get funding to make the rest of the episodes in season one. As part of the submission we needed to create a two-minute pilot, which I can now finally unveil below. This hopefully gives you a flavor of what the show will be.



As you can see, there’s lots of masks in the show: but not all of them are immediately obvious. The only certainties are that everyone has a dark secret they’re hiding, and that nothing is as it first appears.


I hope to provide more updates on the web-series and funding, so please check back again soon.