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Who Am I

Welcome to my website! I'm John Ward and this is Arbutus Films.


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I'm a TV & comic book writer and graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting. I'm also one of the
recipients of the 2016 Telefilm Canada New voices award.

I also have a Ph.D in String Theory and used to work on stuff like this. If you're a glutton for punishment you can check out my PhD thesis here.

I enjoy reading comics, watching TV and films, chowing down on spicy vindaloo and listening to punk rock.


What I Do

I write TV shows and comic books. I’m also a filmmaker and producer at Arbutus Films.


I’m primarily a TV writer, but I also write comic books such as Lowlives; Ultrabot go go go; and, Sewers of Fire. You can check out some of my scripts and comic books on this website.


I occasionally dabble in the dark art of filmmaking, creating short films for myself or other directors. I’m currently developing a low-budget noir thriller which I aim to direct as my debut feature.


I’m a producer at Arbutus Films where we create and produce interesting and unique trans-media projects. While we develop most of our projects in house, we’re always striving to help other creators realize their vision.

Contact me if you have a project I might be into!


Recent TV Scripts

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Below is a collection of my recent short films. Feel free to watch them here, or follow the links to the individual pages where you can also read the scripts.



Love blossoms between strangers in a cafe.




A (director’s) commentary on violence and abusive relationships.


Don't Leave Me


A visit from a former lover turns into a supernatural drama with a twist.




Remembering the safe-word is the only way to prevent a fantasy turning into a nightmare.



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Let's Get In Touch

I welcome the opportunity to hear from you! Please fill in the short form below and let's work together.

Write on.

Vancouver, BC


(604) 364-8911